Purveyors of fine digital goods

We're a creative technology agency, building apps, games, and platforms for the world's most innovative brands. You may know us from our Mugshot Yourself face morphing app, our location-based gaming platform, Red Bull Mission Control, or our Clio-winning True Blood Live Feed. Check out our work, and come build the future with us!

Purveyors of fine digital goods

We're a creative technology agency, building apps, games, and platforms for the world's most innovative brands. You may know us from our Mugshot Yourself face morphing app, our location-based gaming platform, Red Bull Mission Control, or our Clio-winning True Blood Live Feed. Check out our work, and come build the future with us!

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Because of our expertise in the social TV space, Red Bull Media House looked to Socialbomb to help spread the word about the Blu-ray release of their second feature film, Where the Trail Ends. We wanted to give the fans who picked the movie up on day one a great way to spread the word to their friends. That became Share the Ride — a Blu-ray feature that connects the disc directly to Facebook.

For the user, the process is uber simple: when they select the feature from the main menu, a pairing code appears. From their computer, phone, or tablet, they enter the pairing code on, and login with Facebook. Then, while they're watching the film, they can share selected scenes to their Facebook wall just by pressing a button on their remote.

BBC America's first original drama demanded an innovative and engaging social media campaign, to spread the word about a gritty new show on a network known for it's British imports. Copper, is entrenched in the seedy world of 1864 New York, and we decided to give users an authentic memento from the era that they would want to share.

Mugshot Yourself artfully composites your face onto an actual vintage mugshot from the period, and the results are often striking. The twin engines of the internet - ego and stalking - sprang to life as people mugshot themselves and shared their criminal faces all over the internet, launching Copper to become BBC America's highest rated series premiere of all time.

Read more about how we did it on the Socialbomb blog.

Red Bull is a master of both branded content and large-scale event production, but when they wanted to combine the two, creating a global location-based game, they turned to Socialbomb. Our background in platform development and real-world games helped us quickly launch Red Bull Mission Control for iOS and Android.

In Mission Control, players are challenged with an evolving series of missions that ask them to break with their routine and give wings to their day. Using an array of sensors and third party APIs, we created a flexible platform for branded content creation, with inputs as varied as the weather, current music playing, and nearby Foursquare venues. Spurred on by deep integration with Facebook's Open Graph, Mission Control provided a unique way for players to participate in the brand.

Faced with bold moves on social by their competitors, Orbitz wanted to quickly grow their fan base on Facebook, and ramp up communications channels before the summer travel season. They turned to Socialbomb to help craft Orbitz 50 Faves — a social gaming sweepstakes that rewards players for recruiting their friends into the fold.

For each friend who liked Orbitz and signed up, a player received one "bid" per day to place in a virtual ticket bowl for any of 50 hand-picked vacations. By awarding new bids daily, we encouraged users to visit the Orbitz page on a regular basis, and by offering bonuses and exclusive vacations to strategic players, we built a sense of community and excitement.

50 days later, entries were closed, the winners were chosen, and Orbitz had a huge new fan base. It worked so well, Orbitz 50 Faves has become an annual tradition!

Soon after FedEx decided to expand their brand presence on social networks, their AOR engaged us to audit their Facebook presence and make recommendations on how to best present the brand to consumers. In a comprehensive review, we looked at the many scattered FedEx pages on Facebook, and devised a strategy to consolidate the messaging behind a single channel, the master FedEx brand page.

After that first strategic engagement, FedEx engaged us to implement our stage 2 recommendations and develop a customer support application to answer. As a result, you can now track a shipment and find over 10,000 FedEx locations, without ever leaving Facebook.

Jelli was a breakout media startup when they came to Socialbomb to help take their audience to the next level. Jelli takes over terrestrial radio stations to provide 100% user controlled radio, helping them compete with online streaming services and bringing them closer to their audience. When it was time to take it to the next level, Jelli came to Socialbomb to build their iPhone app.

Jelli for iPhone lets listeners control the playlist of a streaming or terrestrial radio station in real-time: using rockets and bombs to move tracks up or down in the playlist, adding their favorites to the queue, or even pulling a terrible track right off the air. Good taste is rewarded with game-ified perks, and users can chat in real time with others listening to the same station.

The result was phenominal growth, quickly establishing mobile as Jelli's most popular platform.

My M&M's lets users order the classic candies with custom messages and photos, a popular product for weddings, baby showers, and corporate gifts. But how to spread the word that this awesome service existed, and make sure that customers thought of M&M's first? Socialbomb had the answer.

We created Wall Candy, a fun and easy version of My M&M's that lives right inside of Facebook. Our Synchronicity Engine suggests friends to create a blend for, based on how often you interact on Facebook, upcoming events and holidays, even what sports teams you both like! From there, you can quickly import their photos, add a message, and post your custom blend on a friend's wall, or buy them direct from M&M's. Friendship was never this sweet!

With a recent relaunching of the Diet Mountain Dew flavor, Pepsi needed to get the product into the hands of consumers, so they could experience the improved taste for themselves. Socialbomb created a campaign on Twitter, embodied in the wacky character of the Diet Dew Bot.

We searched for anyone tweeting the word "taste" plus one of over three hundred other keywords. The Diet Dew Bot would @reply in response to the key word, comparing the taste of Diet Mountain Dew to whatever the user was tweeting about, and sending them a link that would get them a free bottle of the new soft drink.

We distributed thousands of drinks that taste like green citrus cobras.

HBO approached Socialbomb with an exciting proposition and an audacious challenge: they wanted to extend the fiction of True Blood to Facebook, where it commands one of the most rabid fan communities of any show on TV. And they wanted to do it for their best fans — the ones who bought the Blu-ray.We developed True Blood Live Feed, a groundbreaking integration of Blu-ray with Facebook, and an early pioneer in social TV.

Through a simple pairing process, users could quickly tie their Facebook account to their Blu-ray players. Behind the scenes, we vampirized their profile picture, and posted a unique status update every time they started watching, based on their profile, how many episodes they watched, and the time of day. Virtual gifts were unlocked at key moments in the show. Updates to the official fan page would appear during the opening credits. And, most importantly, users could share particularly juicy scenes right to their Facebook wall with a press of a button on their Blu-ray remote.

The fans were estatic: record numbers of Blu-ray owners used the feature, sharing so heavily that many hit their personal Facebook limits. Between shared scenes, status updates, profile pics, and virtual gifts, we created a perfect storm, generating millions of impressions of True Blood content on Facebook.

Live Feed went on to win a CLIO, a Webby, & one of the first Facebook Studio awards.

For their American version of the edgy British show Skins, MTV wanted their own second screen experience, to give fans a place to talk about the show right on, and a unique way to give superfans first access to images and music from each episode.

Working with our friends at Starling, we developed Captionbomb, a unique way for audience members to talk about the show in the visual language of TV. Viewers unlocked cards with images from the show, pasted wry comments over them, and tossed them into a visual chat room. Some cards even included downloadable MP3s, which the most popular commenters could gift to the entire room.

In the days before private groups on Facebook, Fisher-Price wanted to give moms a way to share special memories of their kids with just a small group of the closest friends and family. Socialbomb created Moments to Share, one of the first non-game apps to coexist on both and the iPhone.

Moments to share allowed parents to build a private scrapbook for each of their children, adding photos and videos of their special moments, and organizing them on a timeline. On the iPhone, they could create new moments and upload media directly into their scrapbook. For each cherished moment, a deep integration with the Fisher-Price catalog offered relevant product selections based on the age and gender of the child.


One of the first Facebook-connected iPhone apps, Paparazzi was a location-based photo sharing game. Players competed with their friends to earn the most fame points by being
snapped and tagged at local hot spots.

TV Bombs

Developed as an experiment in what a time-shifted social TV experience might look like, TV Bombs is an API that ties comments, tweets, and media to specific timecodes of a video. Our demo app uses YouTube for easy in-browser preview, but the API also works with Blu-ray, iTunes, and streaming services. We can even push comments to your TV!

Venue Finder

Initially built as a tool to help content production for Mission Control, Venue Finder lets you explore Foursquare's database by location and by category, providing a complete list of nearby venues, along with all their associated metadata.